How rehabilitative do you think the prison system is?

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In the criminal justice system of many countries, the purpose of imprisonment is to punish the criminal, prevent further crime and to rehabilitate the offender. How rehabilitative do you think the prison system is? The prison system is influential in rehabilitating the offenders. It seems to change the lives of offenders by providing different types of rehabilitative programs. First of all prison system provides the Vocational education training (VET) which helps in gaining the employment in future and therefore likely to work in the civilized society and less likely to reoffend (Weatherburn, 2004). Secondly imprisonment system also focuses on cognitive behaviour therapy which changes the offender attitude, belief and thinking patterns (Howells and Day, 1999). And finally physical activities like exercise affect the physical and mental health of the individual in positive way (Nelson, Specian, Tracy, and Demelto, 2006). Such types programs seem to make prisoners law abiding citizen and prevent committing further crime in the society. The vocational educational and training (VET) is one of the important rehabilitative program because it aims towards providing necessary skills to the prisoners. Many prisoners do not have good education and work experiences. So obtaining the jobs and housing becomes difficult when they are released. Therefore VET plays a vital role in rehabilitating the prisoners by providing the sustainable employment skills like in hospitality, engineering, Industrial, agricultural and so on. In other words they are trained in cooking foods, constructing furniture, working with metals and farming cows for milk and meat. In addition prisoners are likely to get mixed up with the society and less likely to reoffend. Furthermore prisoner rehabilitation also improves the interpersonal, communication and managing skills. A Queensland study

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