Civil War Emancipation Proclamation

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The Emancipation Proclamation completely changed the whole country with what was stated and the effect it had on the U.S and free and enslaved men. It had a positive effect on the North and the African Americans that lived there. The E.P also had an effect on the slaves in the confederate states for they were no longer considered slaves to the people of the North. Life for an African American wasn’t the best life for a person before the E.P. in the South and even in the North the African American population was still struggling. Life for an African American in the Union wasn’t what the black people that lived there thought it would be. They still were discriminated against when it came to getting a job, an education, and even the simplest things like buying things. Most African Americans in the north were formally slaves that had been freed or run from their masters in the south. Very few had an education or even knew how to read or write. Even though African Americans were free American citizens they were discouraged to joining the Union's Army as stated in the purple packet . But in 1962 when President Lincoln announce The Emancipation Proclamation it had changed the way African Americans lived in the Union. It stated that the African Americans could be treated equally, that they could now get jobs in the North without being discriminated against. The major change that the E.P. stated was that all the slaves that were in territories that fought against the Union were to be considered from that point to be free citizens of the Union. Lincoln had also encourage the newly freed men to run away from the confederacy. They were also encouraged to join the Union's Army and get jobs and be sensible people. Even though the African Americans were encouraged to join the Army they weren't treated equally as their white commanders. African Americans were now allowed to
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