Civil War Diary

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Civil War Diary October 27, 2012 DeWitt Clinton Gallaher From the spring of 1861 to 1865 there was a war between the states, now known as the Civil War. During this time period many soldiers of the battlefield kept diaries of the events that occurred both on and off the battlefield. DeWitt Clinton Gallaher was a Confederate Cavalry Soldier from spring of 1864 till the end of the war, 1865. He was born in Jefferson County, Virginia in 1845. During his youth his family moved to Waynesboro, Virginia. He attended college at Hampden-Sidney College and received a degree in Law. Then he joined the ranks among Gen. John D. Imboden's staff as the rank of Captain. In 1863 he decided to resign his commission and chose to serve in Virginia’s 1st Cavalry Unit as a private; this is where the diary begins. While reading the diary I learned about information history books never touch on. It also broadened my view of perception from the actions that occur during the war by the troops. Throughout the diary I noticed many faults within the text and the diary overall. When learning and discussing the Civil War, diaries possess many advantages and disadvantages based on the limited information that is included in the diary itself. Historians have much to gain by analyzing the diaries of individuals throughout the war. For the duration of my education of the Civil War, I have become accustom to learning when and where the battles occur, the generals in charge and the amount of men that fought valiantly at each of them. Throughout the diary many battles and skirmishes are mentioned that Pvt. Gallaher takes part in. Within each of these he mentions the hardships that he and his men endure, as well as the simple pleasures that he is blessed with throughout the war. Some of the treasures include Union Carbines (a short shotgun for cavalry), food and supplies, both for his horse and
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