James Howard Meredith Civil Rights Movement Analysis

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During the early 1900’s the mistreatment of African-American people was very prominent. They were oppressed and needed Activists. Activists who could aid and guide the civil rights for African-American. James Howard Meredith was one of those people. Born in Mississippi on June 25, 1933(Wikipedia) He was raised on a farm and shortly after he finished high school he joined the military. Education was very important to James and after he served 9 years in the military he started to attend an all-black college. However that was not enough for James, in 1962 he became the first African-American student at the University of Mississippi and continued to earn his degree in law. He dedicated his life to enforce civil rights for African-Americans. Throughout the next decade people just like James rose and fought for what they believed in, Equality. James fought with countless other against racism and segregation. This fight against racism was not by any means an easy one, and James had to overcome countless obstacles to accomplish even the smallest of feats. His enrollment at the University of Mississippi was no exception. Mississippi’s governor, Ross Bernett heavily opposed his enrolment and once he was enrolled rioting and violence…show more content…
During this huge protest James was shot 3 times at close range.(bbcnews) Paramedics rushed him to the hospital were his injuries were announced not life threatening. Contrary to the attempt this did not stop the March but simply encouraged people to keep going. Black and White people from all over the country gathered to continue the March. They slept in tents and were fed by the community. On June 25th James rejoined the March, and by June 26th over 20 days into the March there were over 15,000 members of all

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