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The Battle of Chickamauga Battle Analysis SFC Clint Hale 2/26/2012 Abstract The battle of Chickamauga pitted the Confederate forces of General Braxton Bragg against the Union forces of Major General William Rosecrans’ on 19 and 20 September 1863 in the dense forests and small open fields in northwestern Georgia. The difficult terrain lead to problems with command and control that the south was able to exploit. The battle was won by the Confederate generals but was the first of a series of event that lead to the Army of Tennessee being driven out of Tennessee. The Battle of Chickamauga Introduction The Battle of Chickamauga was fought on two days (19-20) in September, 1863. This battle was the culmination of Major General William Rosecrans' Army of the Cumberland late summer (23 June - 20 September) 1863 campaign to maneuver General Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee out of Tennessee. Fought in dense forests and small open fields in northwestern Georgia, Chickamauga was one of a very few clear cut victories for the Army of Tennessee. However, Bragg was slow to take advantage of the defeat of the Army of the Cumberland and the bulk of the Federal army made it safely into the lines at Chattanooga. It soon became apparent to many of the Confederate generals that a perfect chance to destroy an entire Federal army had slipped away. Never again would the proud Army of Tennessee have a chance as had existed in the woods along the banks of the Chickamauga. Secondary sources include Freeman Cleaves. Rock of Chickamauga: The Life of General George H. Thomas and Peter Cozzens. This Terrible Sound: The Battle of Chickamauga. Strategic Setting Although western Tennessee had fallen to the Union in early 1862, much of middle and eastern Tennessee remained under Confederate control in the summer of 1863. The area was important to both sides for many

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