The Movie Glory

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Glory: The movie Glory is based on the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry of the civil war. This regiment was one of the first all-African Americans regiments in the United States military. The regiment was commanded by Colonel Robert Shaw. However according to the movie Shaw had previous battle experiences that would lead to him becoming the Commanding Officer of the all black regiment. It starts when Captain Shaw fought in the battle of Antietam and is wounded. He is later awaken by a black grave digger named John Rawlins and sent to a battle field hospital. While there Shaw learns of President Lincoln passing the Emancipation Proclamation, which would free the slaves in rebel held territory. While on medical leave Shaw is offered the rank of Colonel and the position of command over the first all-black regiment. Shaw accepts and offers his childhood friend, Cabot Forbes the position of second in command. Thomas Searles is Shaw’s friend and becomes the first African American volunteer. Many more African Americans would join the military and the 54th Massachusetts becomes a large regiment that goes through a long training process by a rough and strict man, Sergeant Major Mulchay. Shaw is informed that his regiment would not fight battles because the regiment is full of African Americans. Shaw becomes angry and confronts his commanding officers. Shaw has learned of his commanding officers being involved in corruption. During his confrontation he uses their corruption against them. The commanding officers agree to deploy the 54th Massachusetts. During the 54th Massachusetts deployment they are involved in a small skirmish in South Carolina against confederate forces. The Union forces won the skirmish and morale becomes high. The members of the 54th Massachusetts are happy of the victory and are ready for more combat. Later Union officers plan to

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