Remember the Titians

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Remember the titan’s film review. Film director Boaz Yakin has made the film remember the titans with the help of jerry Bruckhenier (producer) and Gregory Allen Howard (writer). It’s the true story of a newly appointed African American coach (Denzel Washington) and his high school football team on their first season as a racially integrated unit. Remember the titans is not all about racism although most of it deals realistically with the racial issues adults and children had to face in the 70s with no choice, but also remember the titans has a lot to do with family and friendship, leadership, honesty, humility, violence, communication and teamwork. In 1971 Alexandria, Virginia at the designated T.C Williams high school, African American coach ‘Herman Boone’ (Denzel Washington) is hired to coach the school football team of one black and one white school after the different schools were closed and are forced to join as one. Coach Boone takes the coaching position from current head coach bill Yoast (will Patton) who had been nominated for the Virginia high school hall of fame. In attempt to ease racial tension, Boone offers an assistant coaching position to Yoast, who refuses the offer but is then tempted to join after the white players pledge to refuse to play on the team if he doesn’t participate. Yoast changes his mind and takes up position of defensive co-ordinator. Coach Boone is hard on the training and how he does it, so he decides to take the boys on a two week hard training discipline camp. Tensions arise when players are forced to share busses with each other, but racial issues are eased between both races during the camp and they become almost like a family. When players returned to Alexandria the players found the city in instability due to the forced integration of the high schools. As the season progresses, the team’s success caused the
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