Lieutenant Colonel John Mccrae: A True Canadian Hero

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Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae “In Flanders Fields the poppies blow, between the crosses, row on row, that mark our place; and in the sky, the larks, still bravely singing, fly, scare heard amid the guns below” This is the first verse of In Flanders Fields by the inspiring poet and physician John McCrae. John was born on November 30, 1872 in Guelph, Ontario to Colonel David McCrae and Janet Simpson Eckford. He graduated and completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto where he was then appointed resident of pathology at Montreal General Hospital. He later became an assistant pathologist to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. In his early years, McCrae trained to be a artilleryman at the Royal Military College of Canada which intrigued him to be an artillery man in the war. John McCrae is and always will be a magnificent and inspiring Canadian hero because he was an unforgettable and motivating poet, he was a physician before and during the war where he then became Lieutenant Colonel of the Canadian Expedition force. John McCrae was an experience physician before he was drafted into the war. Once he was in the war, he continued his occupation of being a brave and noble physician where he treated and cured the injured. On June 1st, 1915, he was sent away…show more content…
John wrote it specifically because not only because of all the brave and selfless soldiers, but because one of this closest friends during the war had died. That was no the only poem he has ever written. John himself wrote an entire book that contains all of the poems he has written before and during the war and a short story that defines each poems personal meaning and where he got the idea to write it. John is an inspiring storyteller and when he puts pen to paper, he illustrates them

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