Civil War Cosmopolitanism Analysis

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Kortni Couch 9/24/12 5 Page Essay The Civil War was a difficult time for those who lived in the United States during the years of the late 1800s. The north and south couldn’t come to a mutual agreement so they resorted to war. Kwame Appaiah wrote a very inspirational book on cosmopolitanism and how everyone of different cultures and ethics should respect one another. When I think about it, the civil war pops into my head and it makes me think about how the civil war relates to cosmopolitanism. Appiah’s prime thrust of his argument is that many people of the cosmopolitan temperament are not necessarily from the elite spectrum of their societies or for that matter, of the world. His view is that in a world full of strangers, cosmopolitanism is a universal trait of humankind. Many think that the civil war was just about slavery. What people don’t understand is that the civil war would have taken place either way. Also, what most people don’t know is that the north continued to have slaves even after the war. Most think that the northerners were fighting to stop slavery. Part of the war was…show more content…
After all, Tyler was named one of Virginia’s five peace commissioners. If there were more people back then like John Tyler maybe the Civil War could possibly have been avoided. The Civil War had a lot to do with greed, gender, race, religion and ethnic hatred. When someone is in need of help, I think everyone should come together as one and do everything possible to help one another. So many wars could have been avoided if we could all just stick together. We all live on the same planet there is no reason whatsoever, why we cant come to a mutual agreement every time something isn’t right. More than half civil wars have started due to failed peace
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