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Brian Haraburda EDU 460 Lesson Plan 5 - Civics Overview: Civics and Government Unit – Grade 4, 20 students Big Idea – What powers does our Federal Government have? The people agreed to delegate some of their power to the federal government and expressed this in the Constitution. Standards: 4 – C1.0.1 Identify questions political scientists ask in examining the United States (e.g., What does government do? What are the basic values and principles of American democracy? What is the relationship of the United States to other nations? What are the roles of the citizen in American democracy?). 4 – C1.0.3 Describe the purposes of government as identified in the Preamble of the Constitution. 4 – C3.0.2 Give examples of powers granted to the federal government (e.g., coining of money, declaring war) and those reserved for the states (e.g., driver’s license, marriage license). Content Objectives: TLW recall the roles of citizens in the American democracy TLW describe the purpose of the federal government as defined in the Constitution TLW explain why a limited federal government is important in American democracy. (Historical Analysis) Process Objectives: TLW watch the resource material to identify the content objectives Value Objectives: TLW be able to understand the value more of the principles that are in place in the American Democracy through the Constitution. Teaching Sequence: Free Video: 1. Assess their prior knowledge by leading a discussion based on the questions below. Alternatively, place students in groups of three or four and have them discuss the questions below before conducting a whole class discussion. I made a handout of these questions that is at the end of the lesson. * What are the three different levels of government found in our country?
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