God Bless America Unit 1 Analysis

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GOD BLESS AMERICA By, STEFAN RADUNOVIC Unit 1 Unit 1 was all about the Consistitutional Underpinnings. We first learned what political power was and why we need politics in the first place. We then went on to the idea of Democracy and John Locke’s social contract theory, that “The view that the consent of the people is the only true basis of any sovereign’s right to rule”. Unit 1 taught us that there are two types of democracies, direct and indirect representation democracy also know as a republic, and the pros and cons for both types. One of the main questions reguarding democracy was, who really has control in a democracy? To answer this question we looked at three different theories, the Majoritarian Theory, the Pluralist Theory, and the Elitist…show more content…
The major principles of the constitution were the idea of popular sovereignty, representative Government, Limited government, Personal and economic freedom, separation of powers, checks and balances, and federalism. Unit 1 ends off into explaining the ideas of Federalism. Federalism is defined a power shared between national, state, and local governments. The unit goes into the specifics on federal division on power, the Enumerated Powers are powers listed specifically in the Constitution that are given to the federal government. And the Implied Powers are national powers not listed in the Constitution but that have expanded over time, also known as the Elastic Clause. This Unit really taught me how everything got started in American politics and that nothing is perfect, there really is no perfect government in the world and there never can be. This unit has also made me feel more thankful that I live in such a great democracy where I really do have a fair chance like everyone else, and it opened my eyes to little things I take for granted every day. I feel that this unit really helped me understand all the different theories our framers had when creating the
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