Explain The Three General Standard Operating Procedures Of Cooperative Federalism

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Chapter 1 Outline Objectives 1. Describe what government is and what governments do. 2. Understand that politics is the struggle over “who gets what, when, and how.” 3. Identify the important features of the policymaking system and explain how pubic policies are the choices that government makes – and declines to make-in response to political issues. 4. Understand the nature of democratic government and traditional democratic theory, and the key questions concerning democracy. 5. Distinguish between the three contemporary theories of American democracy and politics (pluralist, elite and class, and hyperpluralist) and identify some of their strengths and weaknesses. 6. Understand the nature of the scope of government in American…show more content…
Explain the three general standard operating procedures of cooperative federalism. 1. Shared costs: Washington foots part of the bill, but states or cities that want their share must pay part of a program's costs 2. Federal guidelines: "strings attached” (ex: to get money for highway construction, states must adopt and enforce limits on legal drinking age) 3. Shared administration: state and local officials implement federal policies but have administrative powers of their own. (ex: Dept. of Labor gives money to states for job retraining, but states get to say how to spend it) 9. What is meant by “cross-over sanctions” and “cross-cutting requirements”? Cross-over sanctions: using federal dollars in one program to influences state and local policy in another (strings attached, hwy/drinking age) Cross-cutting requirements: when a condition on one federal grant is extended to all activities supported by federal funds, regardless of their source (if you don't follow the requirements, you don't get the money) 10. Explain the two types of categorical grants. Project grants: based on merit; awarded on basis of competitive bidding Formula grant: "if it fits the formula, you get

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