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It is important to attend city council meetings for various reasons. One of the primary reasons is so that the citizens of the city know what’s happening in their city as far as what laws are being passed and which ones are being denied. I attended a city council meeting in San Jose for the first time. I have been living in San Jose all of my life and never have I attended a meeting. If it had not been for this assignment I probably would have never known about city council meetings and that they are open to the public. Many topics were discussed in the city council meeting. The council meeting began with the Ceremonial Items. The ceremonial section of this meeting was where certain groups would go up and get recognized as well as honored with either a week or a month of celebrating their group. For example, Independence high school Asian Pacific club were honored at the meeting while the council embers declared that instead of celebrating Asian Pacific week, it will now be celebrated all throughout the month. The Asian Pacific Islander club form independence high school gave some background of their culture here in San Jose. Other ceremonials included National Travel and Tourism week May 5-13, International Compost Awareness week May 6-10, Municipal’s clerk week April 29- May 5, and a national/prestigious award was given by the American Council of Engineering for the Happy Hollow Park and zoo pedestrian Bridge Project. The Happy Hollow park and zoo pedestrian bridge was originally set to begin constructing in 2007. This was a time when construction was in bad shape because there was no money available to spend. The project was estimated to go 3 million over budget so the city decided to hire a new consultant. Although it would be a new design, the estimate was 3 million below the budget, thus, the city of San Jose was now well on budget. After the

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