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WRITTEN ANALYSIS OF ‘CITI BANK : PERFORMANCE EVALUATION’ CASE The case discuses about the evaluation of performance of James Mc Garan, Branch Manager of Citibank in Los Angeles by his Area Manager, Lisa Johnson, and the discrepancies that crept in during the evaluation process. In the case, it can be seen how Lisa Johnson had failed to reflect some of the performances properly leading to a stalemate position in the performance evaluation of an efficient manager like James Mc Garan. James Mc Garan was a branch manager of Citibank in Los Angles and the branch he is handing is placed in one of the toughest competitive markets wherein two competitors viz., Bank of America and Wells Fargo operate. James was in the banking industry since 1977 and was with Citibank since 1985. Erstwhile his performance was very good till the new system of performance evaluation came into vogue. Frits Seegers, President of Citibank, California and other top management decided to introduce non-financial statistics for each branch in the performance evaluation, since evaluating only financial statistics and neglecting some of the keys non-financial statistics items in the performance evaluation such as customer satisfaction rating in the performance evaluation may lead to deterioration of bank’s performance in the long run. Hence the new performance appraisal system came into vogue since 1996 incorporating customer satisfaction rating as one of the elements determining the performance of a branch manager in Citibank. As a result of this, James McGaran's performance appraisal which usually exceeded expectations year after year had suffered in the rating of costumer satisfaction ratings which was introduced in the new performance scorecard that measured non-financial statistics for each branch. On careful perusal of the case, some of the following interesting observations were

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