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Prepared by:-Kanta Case Study # 3 – Inventory Management Introduction The case study is about the company named Vonkel enterprises that have purchased a company named Thembeka. Thembeka is highly specializes in sales and distribution of gold and diamond jewellery throughout South Africa. After the company’s ancestor passes away, their family members decided to sell the enterprises. Due to its potential and good relationship with their suppliers and distributors Vonkel purchased the company knowing that it worth to purchase Thembeka as this will help them in improving their supply chain performance and expanding their business by exporting their products to the UK. Key Issues:- Although Thembeka has set up a good business in the field of jewellery but their some challenges that company were facing during their supply chain. Vonkel has to consider all those challenges before expanding their business. Following are the issues of Thembeka that they were facing:- 1. They were unable to locate the stock efficiently from their inventory which resulted in frequent stock out during the peak demand periods. In this case their inventory is placed in various outlets. 2. The company was not able to maintain optimal inventory levels while ensuring customers need. The designs were not well aligned to the customer preferences. 3. The company lacks in tracking their shipments, delivery and items in stock. There was no efficient ad integrated method to control all these. Analysis Following is the SWOT analysis that has been made to address the issues mentioned above Strengths * Thembeka has set up a good relationship among their distributors and supplies which will help Vonkel to expand their business in UK. * Thembeka is specializes in sales and distribution and have a good brand name throughout South Africa | Weakness * Thembeka does not have

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