Chronology of Events in Egypt

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------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Chronology of Events -- 1914 to the Present * 1914 -- Egypt becomes a British protectorate. * 1922 -- Egypt is granted independence, and a constitutional monarchy is established. Fuad I becomes king. * 1928 -- The Muslim Brotherhood is founded by Hasan al-Banna. * 1936 -- Faruq succeeds his father as king of Egypt. British forces begin a gradual withdrawal. * 1948 -- Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Syria attack the new state of Israel. * 1949 -- Hasan al-Banna of the Muslim Brotherhood is assassinated. The Committee of the Free Officers' Movement is formed. * 1952 -- At least 20 people are killed in anti-British riots in Cairo. King Faruq abdicates in favor of his son Fuad II. Gamal Abdul Nasser leads a coup that results in Muhammad Najib becoming president and prime minister of Egypt. * 1953 -- Egypt is declared a Republic by Najib. * 1954 -- Nasser becomes prime minister. The Evacuation Treaty is signed. British forces finally leave Egypt. * 1956 -- Nasser becomes president and, in July, nationalizes the Suez Canal to fund the Aswan High Dam. In October, a tripartite invasion of Egypt by Britain, France, and Israel takes place in response. In November, a ceasefire is declared. * 1958 -- Egypt and Syria join to form the United Arab Republic (UAR) in the first step of their aim for Arab unity. * 1961 -- Syria withdraws from the union with Egypt, but Egypt remains known as the UAR. * 1965 -- King Faruq dies in Rome. * 1967 -- In May, Egypt and Jordan sign a defense pact. Israel says it increases the danger of war with Arab states. In June, in the Six-Day War, Israel defeats the forces of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Israel takes control of Sinai, the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank. * 1970 -- Nasser dies and is replaced by

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