Chronicle of the Council of Clermont Speech

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The military expeditions planned and fought by western European Christians that began around 1095 are known today as the Crusades. The main purpose of these expeditions was to overtake and gain control of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, Pope Urban II initiated the first crusade. On November 27, 1095, Pope Urban preached to his followers outside the city of Clermont-Ferrand about the action, which needed to take place. Preaching words about how God wouledition. Small groups began to form, each planning their own path to Constantinople; that was where they would meet. Their plan was to attack the Turkish forces in Constantinople and regain control of the city. The pope called for all knights, kings, warriors and even commoners to take up arms and get back the holy land. The Christian armies talked with the Byzantium emperor, Alexius I Comnenus, and agreed to return any of the old land that was recaptured. The armies were unsure about this agreement, however, they agreed to the treaty anyhow. The first attack by the crusaders was on the Turkish capital, Anatolian. During the same time frame, the Byzantines were also making an attempt to regain the city of Anatolian. The Byzantines used the crusades to their advantage to achieve their goal in regaining the city. Later in the year, Anatolian surrendered the city to the Byzantines, not the crusaders. They then met once again and together defeated the Turkish army, scoring a great victory and boosting their ego. Afterwards, the crusaders went and captured the city of Antioch, and then moved on to their goal, Jerusalem. For the next generation or so, the crusaders kept control over the Holy Land and invite their people to come inhabit the city. The crusaders used the strategy of isolating and cutting off supplies that could lead to strengthening to the Muslims and Egyptians. However, as the next generation came about, the

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