Muslims vs Christians During the Crusades Essay

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Pope Urban II’s speech was delivered in order to influence Christians to go on the First Crusade. His speech begins by explaining a situation in which a group of people are invading Christian lands and killing those by fire and pillage. The people responsible for this action come from the kingdom of Persians; he says that these people are “really not really Persians rather Turkic-Arabic speaking people.” They are taking Christians and bringing them back to their homeland, their own country. Not only are they killing Christians, but they are also destroying churches of God after disrespectfully making the altars unclean with their rituals. The pope proclaims that it is upon his audience to do something about this. He says, “ On whom, therefore, is the labor of avenging these wrongs and recovering this territory, if not upon you, you upon whom, above all other nations”. The pope then recalls specific places that shall call the audience to recovery for what the Persians have done. For example, the tomb of Jesus our Lord and Savior, which is now treated with utter disrespect should make you wants to put an end by going on the First Crusade. The pope believes nothing should hold you back from going on the Crusade; not the love of your wife, children, or parents. The Gospel says “ He that loveth the father or mother more than me is not worthy of me”. Pope Urban encourages people to fi-full their vow to God by going on this holy pilgrimage. In Stephen’s letter to Adele, Stephen addresses his wife and explains to her what he is going through as he embarks on a journey with God. He begins the letter by explaining how his goals began to come true, as he and his army were able to push the Turks away from the holy land. He then tells of various stories of how he and his men are defeating the enemy, all in the name of Christ. Stephen believes he and his men are ready to die

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