Red Cross In The Crusades Essay

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According to Louis Berehler, a Crusade, by definition, is a war undertaken by a vow and is almost always religious. Through the ages, religion has caused humans to fight for what they believed in. When one thinks of a Crusade, one would most likely envision the red cross worn by soldiers That is because the red cross was the symbol utilized by the Christians in the Crusade, when they sought to recapture Jerusalem from the Turks. The crusaders distinguished themselves, because of how they fought for what they lost (Jerusalem), as well as why they fought. Whether they won the battle or lost it, the crusaders always continued the effort, until they ended up the victor, at whatever the cost in lives and equipment. In 1093 the Turks started pillaging towns and began the process of enslaving Jerusalem. By 1095 Jerusalem was captured by the Turks. Thereafter, the…show more content…
Archers led the Crusaders in the march and acted as scouts. The entire force was broken down in small groups so the few available water wells could support them. When they reached Antioch the Crusaders tricked the Antioch forces and led them away from the city while they pillaged and captured it. They gained unimaginable riches from this city. The Crusaders left a couple hundred troops to stabilize and defend the city, while the remainder of the army marched on to Jerusalem. The Crusaders waited outside the city for over 30 days before they attacked. It appeared that nothing could stop the Crusaders, as they fought through the first night, finally entering Jerusalem. Once successfully in Jerusalem, the Crusaders searched the city for all occupants devoted to Islam and executed each adherent. According to Anthony West, over 12,000 Turks were killed. After capturing the Holy Sepulcher the Crusaders were free to go home. Godfrey de Bouillon became King, partially due to his courageous efforts in

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