Christopher Columbus Rivalry

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First Contact A. The main rivalry for European exploration in the 1400’s was between Spain and Portugal 1. Portugal’s route – 2. Where Spain looked – B. Christopher Columbus took the lead in Spanish exploration 1. born in Genoa, Italy 2. educated in Lisbon, Portugal importance: 3. Columbus underestimated the size of the earth a. he estimated Asia to be 2,400 miles west of Portugal b. Asia is 12,000 miles west 4. Portugal turned down Columbus’ request in 1484 (why) C. Columbus’ deal with the Spanish 1. Ferdinand and Isabella were the rulers of Spain who funded the expedition 2. Columbus promised gold and the spreading of the Catholic faith 3. In return, Columbus would be knighted…show more content…
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attacks and revolts broke out b. Moctezuma was killed (by whom?) c. the Spanish were forced to flee 4. when the Spanish returned: (explain) 5. Cortes conquered the Aztecs and became one of the richest men in the world J. The Spanish continued colonizing North America, establishing many cities that are still round today K. Balboa’s discovery of the Pacific (from America) triggered a rush of non-Spanish speaking explorers looking for the Northwest Passage 1. importance of finding the Northwest Passage: (explain) 2. while Spain was establishing colonies in southern North America, England and France were exploring the northern parts (current day United States and Canada) L. England will ultimately challenge Spain for the “rights to the sea” 1. Sir Francis Drake was an English “sea dog” (pirate) who raided Spanish ships returning with valuables 2. Spain did not stand for this so they planned to attack England with their Spanish Armada (130 ships & 27,000 men) a. England’s plan for victory: (explain) 3. Spain loses their grip on the seas with this defeat and the problem of inflation destroys the Spanish economy a. inflation (define)

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