Marco Polo Quiz

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I Pre colonial Times A. 1250 AD --The Polos 1. traveled to china for 25 years --was known as Marco Polo a.his first travel book in history . realized they could reach asia through sea B. The Portuguese 1. in 1487 they find the length of Africa 2. Gama found the water route to asia C. Columbus - first to have the idea that if you sail to the west u arrive at the east 1.1484-- NObody gives him the money for his journey 2. Given the expedition by Spain 3. Sets up the first island in Americas a. discovered all the carribeans b. exploiting everyone 4. Amerigo Vespichi discovered a lot of N America -- the name comes from him II Conquistadors 1500 A. treay of trotilise-- the break up spain and portugal being able to only search one area ( Africa & The Americas)…show more content…
they bring the sword of salvation to the New world C Encomiendas System - Basically be servants for columbus 1. couldn't leave anywhere 2. also be converted 3. within 50 yrs the pop is almost eradicated 4. Had a labor shortage a. taped into the portaguese area to work in the area. b. crossed the instance of Panama and sees the vast new ocean -- Balboa . see how the new world isn't asia 5. Magellum -- traveled down south America to discover the globe a. killed in the phillipines b. expedition continues across the pacific c. only one ship comes back survives out of the 5 d.traveled acoss the entire globe D. Cortez-- 1.1519- est a trading port 2. Take out the aztec empire a.11ships march on the capital (550 men) 3. Has small pox a. killed 80-90% of the mexican pop E. ROYAL COUNCIL OF THE
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