Christian Worldview: The Debate Between Science And Religion

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Introduction One aspect of the contemporary debate between science and religion is related to humans’ acquisition of knowledge and truth. An individual’s worldview, or explanation of the world and an application of this view to life, plays a key role in this debate. Scientism is the belief that the most accurate knowledge comes from the scientific method (Gousmett, 1996). Conversely, the Christian worldview recognizes that God is the source of all truth (MacArthur, 2006). While on the surface these worldviews conflict, this paper argues that there is a role for both. The Scientific Method Distinguishing science from other ways of seeking knowledge requires focusing on the scientific method. Fundamentally, this method involves a “merger of rationalism and empiricism” as scientists collect data and test hypothesis using the data (Jackson, 2009). Generally speaking, the scientific method consists of six steps, the first of which is to identify an empirically solvable problem (Jackson, 2009). Second, conduct a literature review to gain better understanding of past research on the topic. Third, develop a hypothesis or prediction about the study’s results (Jackson, 2009). Fourth, design and conduct the study through observation and experimentation. Fifth, analyze the data and interpret the results. Finally,…show more content…
Creation describes how life was meant to be lived – God’s original design for human nature (Kelleman, 2007). Genesis 1 provides a glimpse of this perfection and how creation, mankind included, perfectly reflected the nature of the God who created them. Fall explains how life became the distorted mess it is today with the human nature marred by sin beginning in Genesis 3 (Kelleman, 2007). Redemption shows how humans can live a life of grace through Christ’s work on the cross (Kelleman,

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