Does Science Refute God?

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Does Science Refute God? Science and God are two very different things. Comparing their abilities, their jurisdiction and their influence on our lives today would be like comparing apples and oranges. Both are so diverse and so grand it is perhaps not within our mental reasoning to justify such notions. Our knowledge on each of the fields is very limited to make such statements and I strongly believe that science does not refute God but rather coexists with the idea of God. One way to put across the idea of God is the idea of a human being’s life. All human beings are made up of essentially the same chemical compounds- carbon, magnesium, sodium, iron, etc. However, why is it that when someone dies, these same elements, which are not affected at all, do not provide life to the person? What is it that makes someone alive and someone dead? When is it that a zygote in a mother’s stomach starts living? These are nothing but the Godliness expressed in our lives, as vivid examples yet we fail to see it. Yet another way to describe God is rationality. All human beings seek to be rational in what they do. Yes, science does provide a method of justifying rationality but God is the other part of the spectrum that science cannot explain. God is also another figure that provides rationality to someone who does not understand science the only path to salvation and to rationality is through religion. If this form of God takes 1000 different shapes across many religions, it does not make God untrue, it is just a manifestation. The biggest contradictory idea against the motion would be that of whether God can be proven empirically. Does science have a method to refute God? If science requires evidence to prove something what if that evidence is not measurable by scientific methods? Science is a form of reasoning developed by us to provide answers to many questions, yet
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