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Back in mythical times, stories of legends were often told and of course they were mostly exaggerated. The same exaggeration rule applies today. "American Sniper" was a book written by Navy Seal veteran Chris Kyle. This book was an autobiography of Kyle's life that started just before he signed up for the Navy and ended just before his death. Clint Eastwood, a very famous actor and director, had decided he was going to make a movie (loosely) based on the book "American Sniper". Of course, the movie portrayed Kyle as a legend and was "Hollywood-ified". In case you do not know who Chris Kyle is, here is some background information. Chris Kyle, with over one hundred and sixty confirmed kills, is known as the Deadliest Sniper in U.S. Military history. During his time in the military he managed to land a shot that has him ranked eighth longest confirmed kill at two thousand one hundred yards. He also earned the nickname "Legend" after displaying his incredible combat prowess. In the book, Chris Kyle describes his first confirmed kill. He was providing over watch as some Marines and armored vehicles cleared out houses in a hostile environment. All friendly and non threatening people were supposed to be cleared from the city so that the only people that stayed supported the terrorist groups in Iraq. A woman appears out of nowhere and begins walking towards the U.S. soldiers. Kyle radios the soldiers to warn them. He said it seemed like she was carrying something because her arms were not swaying. The woman then pulls out the item from under her robe and Kyle recognizes it as some type of improvised explosive device. He then decides to let her keep moving hoping that she was trying to show the soldiers what she found instead of trying to kill them. As she got closer she began to pick up her pace. When her evil intent had finally been shown, Kyle took the shot. Kyle said

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