Are People Born Good or Bad

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Are people born good or bad? Michael Caballero Although Hobbes was right about nature of people that is evil he was wrong about government having absolute power, in the other hand Locke was right about power corrupts the people but wrong about people being born with a clean slate. For example Adolf Hitler, he was the worst because he killed a lot of innocent Jews. Hobbes thought that the world was evil because he lived during a war and saw stuff that nobody would want to see. Ayatollah Khomeini one of the 20th century's most ruthless leaders. As a 70-year-old grandfather, Khomeini pulled off one of the most daring revolutions in history and served a crushing blow to America. Osama bin Laden was the cause for 911 and many other Terrorist attacks. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Osama joined the Afghan resistance, believing it was his duty as a Muslim to fight the occupation. Last but not least he was shot in the leg, sentenced to death, escaped twice from prison, led a successful one-day revolution, and became the leader of his country mostly while still in college. He is none other than Saddam Hussein, President of the Republic of Iraq, the one who killed his own people and started a war with the United States. These people were the most horrible people who ever to live on the face of the earth, because they had too much power in their grasp. Adolf Hitler is an Austrian-German born in April 20 1889. As a child they moved from one place to another because of the work of his father. His early years recalled in the book he has written- Mein campfire, he tirelessly enjoy playing with cowboys and Indian and he has passion in things that are related to war and soldiering after he found a picture book the Franco-Prussian War in his father’s belongings. Hitler was a bad person he killed over six million Jews just because he didn’t like them. He set up
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