Saving Private Ryan Analysis

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A) “Saving Private Ryan”, directed by Steven Spielberg, is an Oscar award winning film set during the invasion of Normandy in World War 2. The film focuses on a group of soldiers searching for a soldier named James Francis Ryan, Ryan had four other brothers who fault alongside him in the war, unfortunately all three were killed in battle. This is why the film is called Saving “Private Ryan”, because six Rangers are ordered to find Private Ryan and send him home. Steven Spielberg does a spectacular job directing this film just like he does for many others films. Spielberg has been for nine Oscars and has won three of them . Spielberg’s motivations for making this film are that he wanted to accurately display the war atmosphere and the bravery that the American soldiers had. B) Captain John H. Miller (Tom Hanks) of commanding officer of C Company assembled the group 7 soldiers to find Private Ryan. Captain Miller suffers from a disorder that is not stated in the film, the disorder is similar to Parkinson’s disease in that it makes his body shake. Captain Miller is portrayed as a very heroic figure; his only priority is to complete his mission as a soldier, which in this case was to rescue Private Ryan. Captain Miller was also very honorable when he has a prisoner that killed one of his soldiers, he decided to obey the rules of engagement and he let the soldier go. This scene turns out to be ironic because the same soldier comes back to shoot and kill Captain Miller. Even though Captain Miller was killed he achieved his mission and Private Ryan was saved. Actor Tom Hanks did an outstanding job playing this character and really made it seem like a documentary rather than a historical fiction. Private Daniel Jackson (Barry Pepper) is a marksman or sniper. His role in the army is simply to shoot at far distant soldiers. Jackson shows his faith throughout the film

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