China and Rome Warfare Differences

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Ancient Chinese and Roman warfare were similar but also differed in the ways they were implemented, employed and strategized. Both the Chinese and Roman militaries proved themselves worthy of being the absolute best militaries of their time. They were capable of taking on any battle in any given situation and were repeatedly victorious. Their methods of war included the use of clever strategies, powerful tactics and organized formations to overcome and defeat their opponents. The book, Art of War, reveals several aspects of Chinese military warfare that differs from the Romans. While Chinese warfare was more concerned with tactics and strategies to The Chinese empire was very successful in many of their militaristic endeavors because they used many clever warfare strategies. In Sun Tzu’s book, Art of War, the primary strategy the Chinese empire implemented was focused on gaining absolute control over enemy forces. Manipulating and weakening the enemy was crucial in order to gain control over the enemy. Using the terrain to the enemy’s disadvantage and to the army’s advantage was one way Sun Tzu implemented his strategy. An example to weaken and tire out the enemy before they could even attack, one of Sun Tzu’s strategies included “[luring] the enemy into untenable positions with [expected] prospects of gain.” (155) Recognizing that they have been tricked, the enemy is then worn out and at a disadvantage, thus prone to attacks from the ready and rested army. While the Chinese army was successful because they implemented clever warfare strategies, the Romans, however, took a very different approach towards warfare. Unlike the Chinese who focused more on finding advantageous strategies within the inner workings of war, the Romans focused more on the preparations of war through the systematic training of their army. The Romans were successful in their militaristic
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