Children With Special Needs Should Be Integrated i Essay

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1. Introduction Every year some disabilities appear from nowhere. Dyslexia and Autism are some of those mental disabilities that were known just from few years about it, although it was discovered in 1945. These two disabilities have different symptoms and mental problems. Some may say that these disabilities are caused because of some genetic problems and others think of it as environmental issue. The UAE government supported these families with disabled children to give them the correct treatment to therapeutic their child. But the new thing that the government and the ministry of education are trying to do is to integrate these children with special needs in normal schools, and as it is known that in education it is not specified whether children with special needs get education or not, because there is no law that limits children with special needs to get an easy access for good education. Therefore, the reaction of the parents will be opposing and especially those parents of normal children; otherwise if these parents of both normal and disabled children looked at the school integration from another point of view as how this will help these children get a bit of cure to be able to live their life normally in their future. Every child is special, either normal or disabled one as it is a normal instinct that parents have to treat them equally. So, it is also the disable child rights to be equal to these normal children in terms of education and not to be isolated in private institutions. In this research paper, the rights of these disabled children in having equality in terms of normal education will be discussed and argued about whether it is accepted in the UAE culture or whether this merger will be rejected by large segments of people. And also parents of these disabled children should provide for them secondary support like involving them in private

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