Birnbaum's Purpose In Essay

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Melissa Ensinger English 110 Purpose and Audience 230 #4. What is Birnbaum’s purpose in writing this essay? For example does he want to educate his readers? To persuade them? Or does he have some other purpose? The purpose I think is that you don’t have to take advantage and be rude just because you’re disabled. 244 #1. What is Staples’s thesis? Does he state it or imply it? The thesis is discrimination against different races. He implys it with the actions people take against someone of the different race. #3. What preconceptions does Staples assume his audience has? How does he challenge these preconceptions? Just because you’re African American doesn’t mean that you’re a rapist, mugger, or thief. He challenges them by how people take him and their actions. 250 #2. What preconceived attitudes about appearance…show more content…
Attitudes are that readers think appearance has to do with intelligence and skills but it doesn’t and affects a lot of people. #3. Where does Rhodes state her thesis? Why does she state it where she does instead of earlier in her essay? She states it at the end because all of her examples lead up to her thesis and supports it. “Do I think people with disabilities have advantages that others do not have? Do you think people should have special privileges because of their disability?” I don’t think they really have an advantage over others, the things they get assistance from just helps them be as independent as they can be and to a more positive attitude towards life. I think people with disabilities should have special privileges because that person did not ask to be brought into this world disabled or disabled at a later time in life. It’s hard enough they have to deal with discrimination at least with some advantages it would help them live a long and
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