Examples Of Racism In A War Between The Same Race

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Marissa Donaldson Ms.Gentile English Section D 16 December 2008 A War Between The Same Race Where does racsim derive from? Racism is though to derive from colored differences. However, that is not the case racism derives from cultural construct, economic status, and social status. Hurston does this by placing a character in a different way effected by racism. A black man does not have to only be racist against a person of the different race but also can be racist to someone of his own race. That is what people misunderstand all the time but Hurston shows readers that what they think is false. You don’t have to be racist against someone of an opposite race. You can be disgusted not only with an opposite race but also your same race. Most people seem to believe that racism is a dislike between two different cultures.…show more content…
He is the mayor and is wealthy. He carries himself very well. The towns people have very mixed feelings about the way he is. “The town had a basketful of feelings good and bad about Joe’s positions and possessions, but none had the temerity to challenge him (Hurston 50).” The towns people don’t know how to feel about Jodie and how wealthy and well off he is. They don’t like the fact that he in fact a wealthy black man.. The townspeople although know that Jodie is well respected think that he shouldn’t be because he is an African American male. Not only can racism be a war between people of the same race because of wealth and not believing your race is superior but also from jealousy. Everyone gets jealous and sometimes to cover up that jealousy they become racist against them. If you’re an African American other African Americans could be jealous of you because it is a time period where they feel they weren’t equal. They could be jealous because one person is actually doing something about it and fighting for his rights while someone else just sits down and mopes about

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