How Does Autism Affect Families

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Tabitha Nesselrodt N Yurcaba English 101 5/5/15 How Autism affects children and their families Autism is not yet nearly as widely known as Down syndrome, yet surprisingly autism is far more mode widespread. Because it is also a disorder of neural development. Autism is a neurological and medical disorder in which the parts of the brain that control behavior, social interaction, learning, sensation, is not functioning properly. Autism is a unique medical condition that is a spectrum disorder, which means it ranges from very mild to extremely severe. It can also worsen or improve over time, and the myriad of symptoms may vary from child to child. Autism has become one of the most widespread childhood epidemics in recorded history. Except…show more content…
Early onset some babies seem to be born with autism and do not develop the typical eye contact and social interaction that should began during the first few months of life. They do not start babbling by nine months and don’t go on to develop language during the second year of life. Fragile X syndrome this disorder is associated with a faulty X chromosome. About one out of ten people with autism are mostly males, having fragile X syndrome, which causes mental retardation. Asperger’s Syndrome, children with this condition are considered a mild form of autism, have consuming interest in, or obsession with one subject often something unusual for their age. They generally have average or above average intelligence and impressive verbal skill, but lack nonverbal and social skills. The X chromosome is a structure inside the body’s cells containing DNA, the genetic material that helps determine characteristics, such as whether a person has brown hair or blue eyes. Females have two X chromosomes, while males only have…show more content…
Your child will need all of your attention as well as your other children if you have them. The earlier your child gets to help with autism the better the result will be. Create a safe place for the child if they stressed or anything, reward their good behavior with something like, going to the park, or going to get ice cream or something like that. Make time for fun activities, like read a book, or something that they love to do. Most autistic children love to read

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