Should Children Be Educated According To Their Abilities?

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As society is developing rapidly, parents have a strong desire to make their children more competitive while school try to offer intelligent. However, the question as to whether students should receive different education according to their academic abilities has generated a heated discussion. One advantage of schools selecting their students is that children could have the opportunity to learn things suitable for them. For example, if a child is cleverer than most of other students in his class, he may think classes are boring because teachers have to care about the class as a whole. The consequence is that this child may not pay attention in class and lose his passion on study in a young age. Another reason is that some children have the talents other children don’t have. They may be particular good at math or music. If they can achieve a higher level by learning things more complicated, why not offer them the chance. Besides, studying with peers who are as smart as you or those who share the same interests with you could definitely inspire them more, which will leads them to better achievement. In addition, society as a whole requires people with different talent. Taught in different ways, children will have a clear picture of what kind of persons they want to be or can be in the future. With specific goals, they could contribute better to our society. On the other hand, is keeping the society working effectively and peacefully what we want from education. Teaching these children in separate groups may result in a lack of communicating skills with different people. Our society is conceived by different people after all, these advanced children may hardly get on well with people who are less cleverer, which will do harm to their future. Worsen off, chaos are unavoidable. Every coin has two sides. But in this case, as far as I am concerned, advantages
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