Children and Young People Health and Social Care Unit 4

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It is the responsibility of every staff member to ensure that health and safety procedures are followed. This will help minimise the risk of accident or injury to both staff and residents as well as visitors to the home. However, the supply of relevant equipment and training lies with the company. Every employer must ensure that employees are provided with induction training. A lack of appropriate training could result in injury or harm. 2.2 Anyone who does not have the right to enter or who does not work for the company should be questioned. Anyone who is found not to have the right to entry should be refused in a polite manner. All visitors must sign in and out of the unit using the visitor’s book. This book is vital should a fire occur and people need to be accounted for. This must also be recorded in the daily log book. Anyone who comes to visit a resident that is not cleared should be monitored and observed. The young person should not be left alone with them. Residents are encouraged to have friends visit the home. This is “normal” practice and the young people must be supervised. Supervision is vital so as to prevent anything untoward happening to the young person. The safety and security of the young person is paramount. All areas of the home must be kept free from hazards such as trolleys, wires, cleaning equipment etc. All fire exits must be kept clear at all times. Daily inspections must be recorded in the relevant files. Regular fire drill must be carried out. This will ensure that everyone is familiar with the procedure and help minimise the risk if a fire should occur. In case of a real fire the visitors book should be picked up whilst evacuating as mentioned above. Staff must use the correct cleaning equipment for different parts of the home such as coloured coded mops. This will help stop cross contamination. The cleaning materials being

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