Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

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Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 is a law that provides protection for the self and others in the workplace. It is the duty of every employer to make sure their employees are aware of Legislation by providing training and instruction. This is implemented in our school by carrying our regular risk assessments and ensuring that all staff are trained on all aspects of health and safety. The school must have up to date posters and that we ensure that there is an effective way of reporting hazards to the appropriate person. Policies ensure guidelines to protect pupils, staff, parents, visitors and contractors when on the school premises, this includes how risks can be controlled and who is responsible for this. Regulations are crucial in maintaining the building and school equipment such as providing clean drinking water, controlling temperature and ventilation, insuring that toilet facilities are clean, safe and in good working order as well as safe, practical and clear floor areas. Employees should also be aware of the Manual Handling Regulations which include avoiding the need to lift heavy loads and to use available equipment in order to aid this task. It is crucial that the school environment is kept safe by ensuring that periodical inspections are carried out, a risk assessment is the favoured way to carry out this procedure as this is a recorded document that can be reviewed, monitored and changed in order to prevent any injuries. Classrooms and Play Areas should be assessed constantly in order to keep the areas safe and danger free. An example of this procedure would be to keep tables and chairs in a tidy order and away from doors and open windows. First Aid facilities are a requirement and must be kept in a place that all staff are aware of, in the event of a fire then procedure must be followed to

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