Chem Lab 1

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Chem 1 Lab B. Reflect on the important scientific practices of (1) Asking Questions, (2) Planning and Carrying Out Investigations, and (3) Analyzing and Interpreting Data by doing the following: 1. Define each of the three scientific practices. a. Asking Questions: Asking questions is where we discuss what we are looking for in our scientific practices, asking what, when, where, why, how and who. When asking questions we try to determine things like, what are we trying to accomplish? Why are we carrying out this scientific inquiry? How are we going to proceed? Who, the history of important people related to the scientific inquiry. By asking questions we determine what is trying to be discovered or observed. The questions are the foundation and catalyst of scientific inquiry. b. Planning and Carrying Out Investigations: planning is creating a “road map” to be able to answer the questions that were posed at the beginning of the scientific inquiry. The scientific method requires a structured series of questions and steps in order to create a plan to carry out an investigation. This is a step by step process that includes all details that need to be done. Carrying out the investigation is working through the questions and road map that was created. This is when the experimenting or observing is done, all the raw data is recorded and compiled to be analyzed c. Analyzing and Interpreting Data: Once the questions are created, the planning and carrying out of the investigation has happened, the data is analyzed and interpreted. This is when all the raw data is manipulated mathematically, categorically, graphically, or other ways to be able to make sense of the scientific inquiry. This is when the original questions are answered either that they were correct or incorrect. What went wrong and explaining what the results of the data mean. 2. Discuss specific
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