Quantitative Critique

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Quantitative Critique Quantitative Critique Cathy Chude Worcester State University 1. Discuss what elements are included in a research question from your text. Discuss the research question in relation to these elements. According to Polit and beck (2010) research questions “are the specific inquiries researchers want to answer in addressing the research problem. The research questions guide the types of data to be collected in a study” (p.146). The study is designed to answer the research question and the research question helps the readers better understand what the study is about. Research questions are made up of a couple of elements. According to Polit and Beck (2010) in quantitative studies, “research questions identify the key study variables, the relationships among them and the population under study. The variables are all measurable concepts and the questions suggest qualification” (p.154). What Polit and Beck is saying is that for a quantitative study, research question needs to include both the independent, which is what is causing the issue, and dependent variable or the outcome. The research question needs to show that there is a relationship between the two variables, for example it needs to show if the independent variable has an effect on the dependent or if the independent doesn’t have an effect on the dependent. The research question in this article is “whether documented visits to school nurses for injury, illnesses, and somatic complaints with no objective sign of illness might be related to children’ involvement in peer victimization as perpetrators or targets of aggression” (Vernberg, 2011, p.843). I believe that the study included all the elements that are required for a research question. The research question has both a dependent and independent variable, and the purpose of the study is to find out if there is a
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