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Review Sheet – Exam 1 – Chapters 1 – 4 Introduction/History Research Methods Criteria Job Analysis 1. What might an I/O psychologist do in the organization that you worked for? List at least five things. Please be specific and give some explanation. 2. Describe the key events, persons and themes from I/O psychology’s ‘early years’ (1900 – 1916). Be sure to include the names of the founding fathers and their major contributions. a. How did I/O psychology ‘evolve’ from general psychology? b. What was scientific management? Describe how Taylor and the Gilbreths were integral to it, using one specific example of a contribution they made in this area. c. What role did testing play? d. Why were the World Wars key to our development? e. Why has the last phase of our history been dubbed ‘government intervention? i. List five key pieces of legislation that are relevant to the practice of I/O psychology and mention briefly what they legislated. ii. What is the most important piece of legislation regarding the history of our field? Why? 3. Explain the Hawthorne studies – what were they? Describe in more detail the original study and its findings. How did the studies change the nature of I/O psychology? How did they impact research methods? 4. List and briefly describe the five steps in the empirical research process (from first slide in class). 5. Explain why both the naturalness of the research setting and the degree of experimental control are important variables in evaluating or deciding on a research method. 6. Describe how you could use three different research methods to test the question: does social support result in better job performance? Be sure to state your IV’s and DV’s and describe the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. 7.

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