Anatomy of Lab Report

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Name _________________________ Date _______________ Period _____ Anatomy of a Lab Report 1. Cover Page The cover includes name, date, period, title of lab activity, and a picture of the set-up of the lab (equipment). Must be on unlined paper and in ink or color! 2. Original Lab Sheet Include the original laboratory sheet with your lab report. Be sure that all sections are completed. This is the first page of the report after the cover. A. Purpose/Problem The Purpose section of the Lab Report, answers the following questions: • Why are you doing this lab? • What are you trying to accomplish by doing this lab? 1 Hypothesis The Hypothesis is what you think is the answer to the problem. It is an educated guess. B. Materials In the Materials section of your Lab Report, list the materials (everything) necessary to get this lab done. C. Procedure The Procedure section of your Lab Report lists instructions or directions needed to accomplish the lab. They are already listed on the paper and do not need to be repeated. D. Data In the Data section of your Lab Report, you will be recording “just the facts” you’ve observed in your experiment. Data may include tabulated numbers, graphs, and short explanations of observations. Graphs are to be drawn with a ruler, titled, and axis labeled. E. Answers to Lab Questions Include the answers to the questions that are part of the lab. Remember that these need to be answered on a separate sheet of paper and in Cornell Style. 3. Analysis The Analysis section is the most important part of the Lab Report! It consists of at least 3 paragraphs as described below: 2 HOW TO WRITE A LAB ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION

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