Mythbusters: Using The Scientific Method

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Collaboration 2.01 Tiffany and I decided to watch the swing set video together. The first thing we did was discuss whether they used the scientific method or not. We concluded that they did. After we did that we each did research on the scientific method and compared our findings, and saw that they were the same. We also wrote a review of this episode. Next we combined our information and wrote an article on how they used the scientific method during this episode. Scientific investigation In a scientific investigation there are several steps you need to follow. First you need to find a purpose and ask a question. Next you would need to do research before you do anything else. Use a book/magazine/newspaper, the Internet (using reliable sources), or talk to an expert on your topic. Once this is done, you should come up with a statement called a hypothesis that usually looks something like this: “If I do this then this will occur.” After you state you state a hypothesis you do your experiment. When you do you’re your experiment, record your findings. Analyze your findings once you have finished your experiment. Finally, you review your data and determine whether your hypothesis was correct. Review I watched the…show more content…
The hypothesis was not clearly stated, but the viewer can deduce that they believe it will not work. The scientific method is put to use when they put their hypothesis to the test. They acquired a standard swing set, built a measuring tool to measure the speed and height that was achieved, and then performed the experiment with people. Once they did the experiment and recorded their findings, they analyzed the data and concluded that it is not possible to do a 360° rotation on a swing set under normal conditions. Finally, they communicated their findings that the myth

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