Cheesecake Factory Essay

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The Cheesecake Factory | Marketing Plan Report | Bouisse Charlotte - Costa Samantha - Grundy Miles - Jensen Eric - Li Qite - Sanchez Angel - Schoen Max | Phase 1: International Opportunity Assessment Company Overview “Our mission is to create an environment where absolute guest satisfaction is our highest priority; we strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our guests in all aspects of their experience in our restaurants.” Five key elements define the strategy that The Cheesecake Factory takes to achieve its mission of excellent customer service. Having an extensive and innovative menu with award-winning bar and bakery programs provides the customer with “one of the broadest menus in casual dining” with foods prepared fresh at each restaurant.1 The Cheesecake Factory also commits to excellent service and hospitality through the selection, training and retention of high quality employees.1 The company chooses high quality, high profile restaurant locations and flexible site layouts.1 The Cheesecake Factory innovates with distinctive restaurant design and decor and outdoor seating.1 Lastly, the company strives to offer value to the customers with affordable products so that guests may decide which price point they are willing to pay at their experience in the restaurant.1 All of these elements are helping The Cheesecake Factory to reach its goal of 300 locations in the United States, however in January 2011, the company announced its initial plans to expand internationally.1, This paper describes why this group agrees with the company’s international goals and our strategy to successful choose other countries and market their new locations. SWOT Analysis Strengths (Internally of the Company): The Cheesecake Factory has two primary internal strengths; its brand and its strong management team. The Cheesecake Factory brand is known for
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