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Checker.'s Pizza Checker's Pizza is a chain of 40 pizza restaurants in the New England area. Checker's started in 1975 and specialized in making pizzas "from scratch." Each pizza was covered with a special sauce, made from a “secret” family recipe, that kept customers coming back for more. But Checker's, like other pizza restaurants in the 80's, had to respond to the wave of fast food pizza restaurants and delivery services that seemed to comer the market. Checker's responded to this threat by changing the way they did business. Not only did they expand their product line and start delivering pizzas like their competitors, they also started making pizza using the same "fast food" procedures as their competitors. Old customers were acutely aware that the pizzas were different. But, while the pizzas are now made using a conveyer oven from dough that is made in a central kitchen, frozen and then delivered to each restaurant, the sauce had not changed at all. And that was the key to their growth. While old customers knew that the pizzas were not as good, new customers only knew that they were better pizzas than Checker's competitors made. Even still, the pizza business had fallen on hard times by the late 80's. Competition for customers in the fast food business had soared and the weak economy at that time had slowed business for everybody. It was in this business climate that Terri Chester was hired as General Manager of the Checker's Pizza chain. She joined the company almost two years ago. Her job was to restore the market share and profit of this business. Terri attempted to address her mission in a systematic fashion. She worked with her executive team to identify and prioritize key issues, and then set up a series of task forces to deal with those problems that required immediate attention. Among the key problems identified was one

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