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Fast Food Nation: The dark side of the All-American meal Eric Schlosser Fast Food Nation is an eye opening book about the food Americans eat. The book talks about the history of the fast food, the food they cooked, what the service was like, and how expensive it was. Eric Schlosser talks about how the McDonald brothers first opened up their business in Pasadena, California. Now McDonalds is responsible for 90% of new jobs. Local business were losing their customers to the corporate businesses and being put out of business. Fast food is affecting our culture, education, and our health. Eric Schlosser talks about how fast food restaurants play a more important role in the American obesity epidemic than people realize. In the year 2000 Americans spent over $110 billion on fast food alone. Americans are spending more on fast food than higher education, computers, and new cars. 96% of American children could recognize Ronald McDonald; the only fictional character of higher degree is Santa Claus. Many kids watch a McDonald’s commercial and beg their parents to take them there.the author uses statements from restaurant owners, employees, and customers. He also uses surveys. in the chapter “your trusted friends” he talks about kids recognizing Ronald McDonald. In the section “perfect synergy” the author says that 90% of children between the ages of 3 and 9 visit McDonalds. Location is in Anaheim, California and also the focal point of the book is in Colorado Springs.Place is in Anaheim there were lots of citrus groves, ranches, farms, and walnut groves and was a small town.Human-environment interaction is that Walt Disney cut down the trees on 160 acres to build Disneyland.Movement- fast food restaurants moved to different locations all around the worldRegion- Anaheim, California. I liked this book because it gave me more knowledge on the fast food places. the

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