Characteristics of Child Abuse

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Characteristics of child abuse Physical Physical abuse involves a child being hurt or injured. This can take a variety of forms such as hitting, scratching, burning, biting, kicking and beating with objects, shaking and throwing. This can cause serious pain, bruises, cuts and broken bones. In the most extreme cases it can even cause death. The signs of physical abuse can often be straightforward to spot. Some signs maybe; unexplained bruising, cuts, burns or injuries, bald patches of hair and behavioural changes such as refusing to undress or wearing clothes to cover injuries even in the hot weather, a child could also become aggressive to both themselves and others around them, they can have a fear of any physical contact and move away from being touched. However injuries may not necessarily be signs of abuse they could be easily explainable as a child having genuine accidents. In some cases the injuries on a child may be explained but do not fit the explanation given, for example there is visible finger marks or cigarette burns or the distribution of the bruising does not match the accident they have allegedly had. Emotional Emotional abuse involves a child being continually put down and criticised, or not getting love, approval or acceptance especially at the times when they most need it. The ways in which a child can be emotionally abused are through bullying, discrimination or racism, this can be through humiliating or teasing, swearing and shouting at a child, causing a child to feel worthless and useless and telling them that other people are better than they are. Domestic violence can also be part of emotional abuse as the child seeing someone they care for being abused can cause severe emotional upset. Emotional abuse can also take place through the internet and mobile phones. The signs of emotional abuse are that the child is withdrawn or
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