Character Sketch of the Frog and the Nightingale Essay

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Frog - The froog is portrayed as a very cunning creature. He claims to be a famous undisputed and unrivalled creature, and even tells the nightingale that he is the owner of this bog. He earns ticket money from her concerts and also charges her for training. Thus he is very money minded and greedy. The frog 's inconsiderable and selfish nature robs the nightingale 's song of its liveliness, originality and spontanity. Later he blames her for having no indivisuality and for lacking originality and freshness.This shows that he is a hypocrite.Answer: The frog has a boastful and patronizing nature. He also portrays jealousy as the nightingale surpasses him in term of singing and admiration from a crowd who loathed his voice. He is also condescending, and scolds the nightingale in every mistake she makes in an attempt to lower his rivals self-confidence & self esteem. He succeeds in doing so. He is also shown to be money minded, with a capitalistic character (selling the nightingale's song for money). Nightingale- The nightingale is a talented singer. She is very obliging, and on receiving a rich applause from the creatures of the bog, she redily sings for them. She is very simple minded and gulliable and fails to see through the frog 's plans and beleives him.She is greatful to the frog for training her and unwittingly allows herself to be exploited. She is hardworking though, and practices throught the day,in all kinds of weather even though she becomes sleep deprived as she is 'terrified to fail '. In the end, she is unable to take the humiliation and pressure of the frog any more, and dies of a burst

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