Why Is Wealth Important In The Great Gatsby

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Luke Troutman Mrs. B.L. Honors English III September 30, 2008 Wealth Overcomes Love In The Great Gatsby; Tom, Daisy, and Myrtle’s desire for wealth prohibits them from developing substantial relationships. Living a lavish lifestyle, with constant happiness keeps them from actually loving a person for who they are, not how they live. This shows a want for happiness in men, or women, and how they forget about love to obtain happiness and worldly possessions. Since he was a child Tom had always been wealthy acquiring everything he desired causing him to act childishly always wanting his way and to become wealthier. Tom marries Daisy because of wealth not for her personality. He lies and says that he loves Daisy and behind her back…show more content…
She has so much money that she does whatever she wants at anytime no matter how much it may cost. Upon meeting Gatsby, she fell in love with him but she could not marry a poor man because rich people did not marry poor people. She never forgets about Gatsby and moves on to meet Tom, marring him for his wealth not for personality. When meeting Gatsby again, she sees his wealth and his undying love for her. Gatsby, trying his best to attain her love, fails as fate becomes a problem as Wilson murders Gatsby. After Gatsby’s death, Daisy pretends like nothing happened between them moving on with her life. As long as she still had her money she did not care what happened to him. Gatsby truly loved her but she never realized it because of her desire for lavish living and constant happiness. She does whatever she can to forget Gatsby so she can live rich and happy. She shows this when she forgets about Gatsby’s death as “she and Tom had gone away” (172), never leaving messages for Nick. Her want for wealth and happiness causes her to carelessly forget troublesome problems. She always does her best to live richly and happily no matter what sacrifice it may take to acquire
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