Great Gatsby Unrealism

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Connor Schroeder Junior English accelerated 2 The Great Gatsby Essay The American dream is exactly what it says that it is. It is just a pipe dream, it's an idea that while was very nice to believe, it is rather unrealistic. The American dream is the idea that if one applies them self, then through hard work and dedication is possible for them to achieve whatever it is they want regardless of family legacy or personal financial background. It is because of human nature that the American dream is generally a vision of achieving a life of wealth, status, power and finding the love of their life. People believe that if they can achieve this life of wealth, status and power, then they will be happy. The American dream is how Americans view a…show more content…
After being separated from her for a long time, when they finally meet again, Gatsby learns that she is married and even has a kid. Despite this situation, Gatsby still dwells on winning over Daisy and achieving the final aspect of his dream. It is because he dwells and obsesses over achieving his final goal of winning over Daisy that Gatsby is unable to be content with what he has. He lacks the ability to reflect and this is why he suffers. This is also why he is unable to realize the business he does is corrupt and evil." He is live not for himself, but for his dream, for his vision of the good life inspired by the beauty of a lovely rich girl."(71). In the past, Daisy's parents deemed Gatsby unsuitable for Daisy because he lacked a background of status and wealth. Because of this, Gatsby was determined to make himself wealthy and achieve status all to chase down a relationship from long ago that is now very unrealistic. Gatsby sees Daisy is the perfect woman and is very stubborn in that he is unable to realize that she lacks compassion and love. Gatsby's obsession also makes it impossible for him to realize that his relationship with Daisy is very unrealistic and that things cannot be the same as they were in the past. Gatsby ignores the present and Daisy's actions and still Caesar is the golden girl she was many years ago. For example, he is unable to see her recklessness and carelessness, which is displayed it several times throughout the book. One day when visiting Daisy he notes that she is not even love her own baby. Later in the book her carelessness gets even worse when she kills Myrtle Wilson in a car crash. Gatsby is so obsessed with Daisy however that he completely ignores this and even take full blame for her responsibility and killing Myrtle. Daisy causes the death of Myrtle which in turn ends up killing Gatsby, and

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