Chapter 5 Summary

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ANDREW K. CROW CMST 105/PHOTOJOURNALISM CHAPTEERS 5 & 15 REVIEW May 8, 2012 Right off the bat, chapter 5 talks about the difficulties a journalist has when taking portraits. I feel that the things it talks about, when trying to make someone feel comfortable behind the camera, are some of the things that I found hard when shooting my own portraits. I like how Richard Koci Hernandez describes how he would take portraits of himself so that he felt what it was like to be on the other side of the camera, and kind of put him in their shoes. Some good advice this chapter gives is about keeping eye contact, and how using the viewfinder is compared to staring down the sights of a gun. I have found that when I am taking pictures of people it helps to give them a smile and look them in the eye. Also, I can relate with the idea of letting people be themselves. All of my friends are so used to me having a camera and taking pictures all the time that they are always themselves around me; but, when shooting strangers on the other hand, this can be a…show more content…
Today, it seems that media is censored so much that the American people have almost been made to be soft, which plays a completely different role in the ethics of a photojournalist. I know that this doesn’t really go off exactly what the chapter says, but, (in my opinion) I think that ethics is effected by the censorship, in the way that: Because we have been withheld from so much of what has been going on in the war that we’re in, we are finding it ethically wrong to run some of the more traumatic photos out of fear that the American people can’t handle the
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