Creative Photography Essay

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1 .Why do you think people like to take photographs? What benefits do people gain from practicing photography? People take pictures for many different reasons. Taking pictures to document experiences or to capture beauty in nature or events. By practicing photography you can look back on events in your life and almost relive what was going on in the picture. Another benefit to practicing photography is if you find out that you are really talented you can make a career out of taking pictures. Lastly you will be able to live your life and document it to remember all the good times. 2.Think about a photograph that you like or that has had an impact on you. The photograph may be something that you took yourself, a photograph from a book or magazine, or something you've seen online. Describe the photograph. What is it about this particular photograph that creates a connection with you? (For example, does it remind you of something? Does it have a particular message? Etc.) Is the connective element something that other people would find as well? The picture that I am thinking of is a picture I took of a lighthouse. This photograph reminds me of where I live by the beach and it is very calming. I think that this picture portrays a message to me by the lighthouse has a direct correlation with the ocean and boats and that has been a big part in my life. Also I took this picture so I can recall the day and how calming the crashing waves by the beach were on a hot summer day. I think that the calming sensation of the ocean people may get from a picture of the light house but I don’t think that most people will get the memories I get when I see the lighthouse right by the

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