Changes in Adulthood

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Changes in Adulthood Lifespan perspective is gaining knowledge through the changes that occur during human development. Changes occur because of cultural influences and specific events surrounding change. Understanding lifespan characteristics led to different theories of lifespan development. Heredity works together with the environment to create individual differences in development. Life is constantly changing so understanding aspects of change will gain insight in lifespan perspectives. The lifespan perspective, in relation to human development obtains its definition from the characteristics of development. These characteristics are ever changing, multidirectional, multi-contextual, multicultural, multidisciplinary, and plasticity. Life is constantly changing and change affects human development. Multidirectional change comes from every direction such as social interactions, intellectual growth, and physical health. Influences effect how individuals perceive future events and change the way an individual thinks, and processes information. Multi-contextual means human lives receive influence from different contexts such as cultural and family beliefs, and economic conditions. Individuals in a cohort will have similar values because of their experiences to similar events, and technology. Multicultural occurs when exposure to cultures influence the person’s development. Cultures are more than race, religion, and region. Cultures are workplace, school, and any other dynamically structured group. Multidisciplinary refers to the academic fields that provide insight and data such as psychology, biology, education, and many more. Last is plasticity that encompasses every trait, and every individual is vulnerable to change at any period in his or her lifespan. There are different changes that occur during the early, middle, and late adulthood of one’s
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