Systems Theory Framework

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Green B.K 209010013 Career Psychology SP333 My systemic career development story: a theoretical re-telling The practice of career counseling has been derived from principles of career theory and counseling theory. In recenttimes, the fields of both career and counseling theory have undergone considerable change. One of the key concepts of the Systems Theory Framework is that all aspects of influence are taken in account when people are making decisions regarding their careers. The complexity of influences ranges from personal beliefs and interests to much broader dynamics such as political decisions, geographical location and socioeconomic status. It shows that human life is not simply linear and straightforward, but more compound and recursive, constantly needing reorganisation, adaptation and that there is always unavoidable change. The Systems Theory Framework does not just affect a person’s life at a specific point in time, it is a continuous process. Change occurs throughout one’s life and The Systems Theory Framework shows that a person’s career development throughout the past, present and future are all intricately linked. Deciding on a career is a very important decision for someone to make, more often than not it is a lifelong commitment that one has made, but not always. People are always changing through new experiences, positive or negative, and by discovering new characteristics about themselves or even just by meeting someone new. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior – anything an animal or person does, feels, or thinks. Topics of psychological study include social relationships, the brain and the chemicals that influence it, vision, human development, the causes of normative and atypical behavior and much more. (Kuther & Morgan; 2007) It is also important in a lot of different ways, for instance the studies that
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